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This is a very basic introduction to leading a guild. It focuses more on the mindset you have to possess, rather than 'physical' attributes.

The very first thing you should do, before you're anywhere near to starting a guild, is think. Think if you have the time to log on every day and manage your little gang. Think if you can manage recruiting drives which can last days at a time without anything really to show for it. Think if you can deal with guild drama. Think if you can lead a guild and receive zero gratitude. Think why you're starting a guild.

For instance, if you're establishing one simply so you can get a few randomers together and farm loot for yourself, then that's a fair goal. Still, consider that there is going to be at least twenty other guilds on your server that are focused towards raiding and are probably far more competent and experienced than a guild that's just starting will ever be. Do you truly have to start your own thing, or can you just join one of these other guilds? If not, why not? Is your gear too bad? Then how on Azeroth do you think you'll be able to lead your own raids in bad equipment? Do you have a bad attitude? Then it's likely that your guild members will like you even less than the folks in the big guilds did.

Running a guild is a lot like being a politician anyway. Except with less lying.

Wish to PVP? Are you starting a guild to go hunt down the other faction? You fond of pre-mades and want one regularly? Well what's stopping you from mailing a few people you already know and setting up a pre-made battleground group on a weekly basis? That way they can still stay within their respective guilds and you get your kicks while knowing that the people you're partying with will respect what you have to say. This could also be applied to raiding, but it's likely that even your most closest friends will feel more comfortable PVEing with their guild than you alone. Not only are they with people they know and trust, but PVP is also a Hell of a lot easier than its monster-killing counterpart. As such, it also can get boring quickly; which is why guilds that form simply for the point of grinding honour and arena points fall apart after only a short period of time without the proper amount of care and ambition, especially given the typically short attention spans that PVPers possess. Can you provide a constantly high level of energy and drive to keep a guild like that up and moving in the right direction?


RP guilds require the most tenderness and time than PVE and PVP guilds put together in order to be successful. You must be on form for every second you're online. It's going to be up to you to organise events. Up to you to stimulate sporadic RP. It's your duty to form alliances with other guilds and make sure everyone co-operates on a similar level. Finally, it's up to you to bust balls if you catch anyone out of character when they're not supposed to be. RP leaders have a reputation of being arrogant egotists for a reason; if they can't take what they do seriously, then who can? Are you sure you're happy with having to constantly be a hard-liner?

You have to take all of these sorts of factors into account when starting up. Whatever your chosen forte, each comes with its own set of issues. They are inescapable. In fact, you'll probably face a thousand other problems too. Start by realising exactly why you want to run a guild before you go onto making it a reality. Better to think now and face up to stuff than realise you're doing it for the wrong reasons three months down to the line or – even worse – during a crisis. There is no need to take every single niggling detail into account at this stage, but unless you have your mind truly set on the art of guild leadership, then you're royally screwed. At times, this passion is going to be the only thing that keeps you from disbanding the guild, so make sure you possess it in huge amounts.


Finally, you need to come equipped with the skills and maturity to lead a set of people. People, especially at high levels, are likely to be aware of the traits and quirks that make a leader. We've all been in one of those dire sorts of guilds before, where the officers have all the combined organisational skills of an amputee lizard. This blog will help you refine your skills and teach you how to lead effectively, but you will always require talent and direction. If you're already swayed and wondering if you should start a guild from these opening paragraphs, then don't be disheartened. Learn to cope with criticism and just because I've probably branded your chosen guild type as idiotic, it doesn't mean that I genuinely feel that way, or that it's a personal attack upon you. Grow used to nay-sayers and become desensitised to unfounded attacks at your own ideas.

'I say old boy! I do believe we may have to consider raiding!'

This blog is about helping build your own personality. I can't teach you how to feel committed. I can't tell you what to do. You must learn to be focused, and decide exactly what you want to do before stepping into action. During World War 2, Hitler used to watch American films until 3AM and sleep in until the next afternoon. Churchill used to read entire chapters of books before bed and drank pretty heavily during the day. Why did they both display such strange and unprofessional behaviour during a pivotal time in world history? It helped them think. I'm not saying go get drunk, watch Top Gun and then read Anna Karenina, but take things slowly. Sometimes participating in hobbies that you love can help clear your focus.

To summarise:

  • Think.

  • Be clear about what sort of guild you want to start.

  • Get used to criticism. Desensitise yourself.

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